Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hello, it wasn't meant to be this long

It may have appeared that i have fallen off the planet, but I've just been busy studying, working and raising a family.  In the summer break I have lined up a load of projects to tackle.  

The Hawthorn dress by Colette Patterns has queue jumped all the way to the top.  I am going to tackle version 3 (sleeveless shirt dress) in this bird print fabric which I found of ebay here.  

It is described as a cotton lawn, I am waiting for it to arrive.  To make it even more exciting there is a sew along on the Coletterie blog.  I will definitely be following that step by step.  Here's the schedule:  
  • June 26 – Buying fabric and making your muslin
  • July 1 – Full and Small bust adjustments
  • July 3 – Wide or narrow shoulder adjustments
  • July 5 – Fitting the cuffs (a quick and easy adjustment)
  • July 8 – Interfacing, Staystitching, Darts, and Shoulders
  • July 10 – Collar, Facings, and Side Seams
  • July 12 – Attaching the skirt or peplum
  • July 15 – Version 1, short sleeve
  • July 17 – Version 2, 3/4 length sleeve
  • July 19 – Version 3, Armhole
  • July 22 – Buttons, Hem, and Finishing
  • July 29 – Hawthorn Parade: Vote for your favorites!
Looks like I need to make by muslin ASAP!  I will only do that for the top as it's a wide skirt.

Will you be joining in? 

I also have to make up a cushion cover for a chair which has been waiting patiently for 3 years!