Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sugarcraft Lily Of the Valley

Last night we learnt how to do a very simple flower, lily of the valley.

You need:
30 gauge white wire
flower paste
small blossom cutter
edible glue

Step 1
Cut your wire into 4 or 5 lengths (8-10cm long)

Hook the top over with tweezers

Step 2

With your flower paste make a pea sized ball.

Put on top of the hooked end (gently squeeze it on)

Step 3
Roll out flower paste (not too thinly) and cut out a flower with your blossom cutter.

Step 4
Dab a small spot of edible glue on top of pea and place flower on top

Step 5
Make lots more! Also make some without the flower on top!

These are very quick to do, we are making these to go with Azaleas, which are a bit more complicated to make. (will try and do a tutorial for them soon!)

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