Wednesday, 28 July 2010

capturing the essence

Cheeky little ad for our new business!

As you might have picked up my husband and myself have started a photography business. We have done a few jobs, which have gone well, and we are now starting to market ourselves to the wider public.

Our main area that we are specialising in is portraiture, for both children and adults and events such as weddings, balls, celebrations and so on.

I am just showing some of our portraits from a recent studio style session, but we like location shooting as well.

Please go look at our website: where you can see what we are about.

We are based in the South East, and we will happily travel for a photo session. We also travel to the North a lot, (Yorkshire mainly - will be there next week).

If you are interested in having some great family photographs, or an occassion captured, please do contact us. You can contact us via our website.

I know Xmas is a dirty word in July, but some great photos would be a fantastic pressie, or turn them into a calendar (very popular with Grandparents that one!)

Please do have a look!

Friday, 23 July 2010

end of term

It is not only the end of term for my eldest son, it is also the end of his time at infant school. In September, he will be moving up to the junior school and into year 3. It is hard to believe that he has already got through 3 school years. We have been very lucky with our local school, it is run so brilliantly well. There is a genuine caring and warmth that runs through the ethos of the school, and also great attention to teaching in an engaging way.

As a thank you to his two class teachers this year, I have made presents for them. I wanted to be a bit more personal this time round.

So my eldest and I worked together on making 2 bags.

I apologise, as I did not take photos (duh!) What I did was a row of patchwork at the bottom of one bag. One of the pieces my son embroidered. (that was his contribution!) And then I made up the rest of the bag. It's linen, with a cotton calico lining. The patchwork pieces are from an Amy Butler Midwest Modern charm pack that I had over.

The pattern:
Front of bag: 13cm x 52cm piece of linen, 4 x charm pack squares and 1 piece of linen that is embroidered (we did a simple heart). and 32cm x 52cm piece of linen.
Back of bag: 50cm x 52cm piece of linen
Lining: 2x 50cm x 52cm calico/ cotton

  • Sew all the patchwork pieces together (I centered the embroidered square).
  • Sew the 13cm x 52cm to bottom edge of patchwork strip
  • Sew 32cm x 52cm to top edge of patchwork strip This is the front of the bag
  • Sew right sides together to back piece, around the 2 sides and bottom (use 2cm seam)
  • Make a bucket bottom by sewing a triangle across the bottom corners (about 8cm from the point). Trim point off.
  • Repeat sewing the lining together (BUT LEAVE A 10CM GAP IN THE BOTTOM EDGE FOR TURNING)
  • Repeat making a bucket bottom in the lining
  • Attach lining to main bag. Put the bag (right side facing out) inside the lining. You will see the wrong side of the lining.
  • Line up seams, and pin round at the top. Sew together (2cm seam)
  • Turn the right way round, by pulling the outside of the bag through the lining. Press, top stitch 0.5cm from edge to keep lining in place.
  • Attach handles. One one of my bags I used a tough woven ribbon. The other I made handles using 5"/ 13cm wide fabric, and made them as long as I liked (roughly to waist length). I actually patch worked the front handle with more charm pack squares and linen. Attach by sewing them firmly on (I sew a square with an X inside at the top of each strap to the fabric.
  • Trim all threads, press and your bag is ready to go!

I loved the green fabrics against the linen. It looked great (I'm kicking myself that I did not take a photo!) It was a good way to use up spare charm pack squares.

It all came together very straightforwardly. I hope his teachers like them!

Friday, 9 July 2010


I've kinda given up on making clothes at the mo, time, disappointment etc I'm happy to do skirts, but can't be bothered to give anything else a whirl at present.

However, sales seem to have started 3-4 weeks earlier than usual (hooray!) so I've ordered a few things to try on and see.This is the Leilani dress from People Tree, reduced to £25, which is great, as they are an ethical and eco friendly business. It is made from 100% organic cotton.

The dresses below are from Boden. Unfortunately they have yet to go eco friendly, but I hope they will, as I'm sure that would fit in with what many of their customers would like.

This is the Pebbles sundress reduced to £29. I ordered the pink, I'm not sure that was a good colour choice on reflection! I think this is a try it on and see dress!

This dress, in the grey and coral, I have been drawling over all season. It came down from £95 to £38. I'm hoping that it suits me!

The postman has not delivered a thing yet. when he does, some things will be returned, but I'm hoping at least 1 dress will suit me!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lovely Things

I have just found some great things on Etsy. I was looking for prints for my sons' bedroom. I do find it quite hard to find suitable things for boys. I think these tick the right boxes for a 3.5 year old, and a 7 year old.

lion print by sass and peril

I especially like Sass and Peril, she has both an etsy shop and a website/ blog. On her flickr site she shows the process of how to do screenprinting, which, I can testify, is a lot of fun to do. You just need a lot of equipment/ darkroom!

giraffes by sass and peril

Another shop, with some beautiful prints of birds, is Bee Things

terns by bee things

meadowlark by bee things

puffin by Bee Things

If I had some spare cash, I would be investing in some of these lovely prints.