Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sugarcraft or Cake Decorating Dictionary

Is it Sugarcraft or Cake Decorating? That is just the start of the problem!!!

I've noticed that there seems to be many names for the same product, which makes things quite confusing for a beginner like me. So I'm going to attempt in this post (and will update as I learn more) to clarify things. If you know of a product to add to this list, please post a comment or if I've made a mistake, which wouldn't be surprising, then let me know. Thanks.

The one thing I would say, is that some products contain gelatin (so if you are veggie watch out and try different makes)

Clearly, as so many of the pastes do simlar jobs, it's going to be down to a matter of personal taste which ones to use. In my class we use Regallice to cover cakes, flower paste for the sugarcraft flowers and mexican paste, when we need something to be stronger and dry rock solid.

1. Rolled Fondant/ Sugar Paste/ Regallice - all the same product. You can make your own or buy ready made - widely available in Supermarkets

2. Flower Paste/ Petal Paste/ Gum Paste - from specialist cake decorator shops

  • This rolls out very thinly to help create very realistic flowers, dries hard. Can keep for a very long time.
3. Mexican Paste - from cake decorating shops

  • Dries rock solid, used for the snowflakes I made, also plaques etc. Quite rufty-tufty! (Doesn't break too easily)
4. Modelling Paste - from cake decorating shops

  • Dries hard (can be used instead of Mexican Paste)
5. Pastillage - from cake decorating shops - I've never used it but I've read that:

  • Dries extremely hard, not affected my heat and moisture the way other pastes are.

There are recipes for all of the above pastes in various books and on the net. Some may be easier to recreate than others.


MrsB said...

What a great post, it can be so confusing all these different names! I think many people will find this useful, did you find the cake decorating lessons hard? I'm thinking of doing one in the new year but can't make my mind up or not!

craftyclaire said...

Hi ya! My teacher is fantastic, and she makes it all so straightforward, that it is giving me the confidence to try things at home, from other books. My teacher is all about making realistic flowers from flower paste. She doesn't do modelling for kid's cakes. She's 75 and old fashioned, but has amazing skill and is great at teaching. So I think I should be able to transfer those skills to more updated designs. I'm thinking about going to another teacher to learn about modelling, which might be more useful to me for my children. But I want to stay with this lady as well! If I was you go for it, as I can't belive what I've done from a 10 week course! 10 weeks ago I didn't know how to marzipan and regallice a cake to a professional standard, and hw you use all those glitters and everything. It's definitely worth going. Some cake shops run courses. I might look into that for one off courses. Happy Xmas.

Ekat said...

You have been the most helpful to me out of everyone and everything I have found on the net and in the stores for my wedding. I am doing a snowflake wedding and I am doing it mostly myself. I had planned to do the snowflakes for the cake in Royal and then I was looking at Gum Paste. Your blog was the first place that I found anyone that showed anyone actually making the snowflakes and a descriptions of the different types of mediums to work with. I had never heard of Mexican paste, Modeling Paste or Pastillage. I thought my only option was Gum Paste or Marzipan which has to be so thick.

Thank you so much for all of your information. I have marked your blog as a favorite for all of your useful info.