Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Snowflake Sugarcraft Tutorial

Sugarcraft Snowflakes

Materials/ Equipment Needed:

1: Smooth rolling board
2. Smooth rolling pin
3. Vegetable oil
4. Mexican Paste
5. Snowflake Cutters (by patchwork cutters)
6. Edible glue (from Sugarcraft shops)
7. Edible Glitter (from Sugarcraft shops - I used Disco WhiteHologram made by Edable Art)
8. Cocktail stick

Step 1
Oil board with vegetable oil.
Roll out a small ball of mexican paste thinly.

Step 2

Choose a cutter and grease it with vegetable oil.
The set of cutters I bought came with 3 different sized snowflake cutters.

Step 3
Cut out snowflake. Press down very firmly and I gently jig it about.

Step 4
Remove cutter. You may need the cocktail stick to remove any extra bits that didn't peel away from the middle of the design. I just spear them, and they come away on the stick.

Step 5
Using the cocktail stick, gently remove the snowflake from the cutter. I do this one "leg" at a time.

Step 6
Place flatly on another board/ tray to dry. If your snowflake has curved, you can always push it down gently with our finger.
Step 7
Brush your edible glue onto all your snowflakes.
Put a small amount of the glitter onto a teaspoon, and gently spinkle over the tops of the snowflakes. Let dry overnight.

In this picture, I have also made a tree, that wil be decorated at my evening class tonight. I'll post photos of the finished product.

If I have missed anything out or you found this helpful, please post a comment. Thank you.


Anamika said...

Dear Claire
I loved your step-by-step pictures for making the snowflakes. I think i will try your way. Am a fellow cake lover from Botswana, Africa and browse the net to pick up inspirations, new ideas in the world of infinite possibilities of making wonderful cakes. Do pass by my blog, whenever you can.

craftyclaire said...

Thank you, very much. I'll definitely look at your blog, and maybe we can link together? I'm new to cake decorating, but I'm loving it.

Dee said...

Happy New Year Claire;

My name Dolly but some call me Dee. Love the blog. I'm not new to cakes but i've been off and on for a couple of years but decided 2008 it's no longer a hobby that friends a co-workers can take advantage of. I've taken the Wilton classes on fondant and tried to do the snowflake with it but my tree and snowflakes broke. Where can I get mexican paste? I'm also on a message board on yahoo -cake sculpting. It's run by a superb sugar artist named Summer. A lot of really talented people are on there. I'm not shy but I was very intimidated by all the expertise. I finally started posting over there. You got get in it to grow, you know? you should check them out. DollyM

craftyclaire said...

If you can't get hold of Mexican Paste here is a recipe that I found online:

Mexican Paste Recipe

icing sugar 227g(8oz)
gum tracacanth 3 x 5ml teaspoons
liquid glucose 1 x 5ml teaspoons (optional)
water 6 x 5ml teaspoons
Mix the icing sugar and gum tragacanth together, add the liquid glucose (optional) and water.

Knead well, then place the paste in a in a plastic bag inside an airtight container. Leave the paste at room temperature for 12 hours before using.

I used a ready made Mexican paste 250g - by DPM company you can buy it here for worldwide shipping:

Thank you for all of your info, it is very useful


Dear Claire

I was surfing the net when I came across your snowflake instructions....Am living in India and have lately been very involved with sugarcraft...I love seeing other peoples work and there is so much to see and learn...
Will see ya soon