Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thank-You Tote Pattern


I made this pattern last year for my son's teachers and sensationally failed to take any photos of my efforts. I got my act together this year!

Last year I used linen for my outer fabric, this year I used a cotton drill fabric. Any medium weight fabric should be good, especially if using a medium calico as a lining. This should give your bag the right amount of body and structure. He had 2 class teachers again so 2 bags have been assembled.

The pattern:
120cm x 65cm - Linen/ Cotton Drill/ Medium weight fabric - Bag Front
100cm x 52cm - Calico/ Lining fabric - Bag Lining
5 x 13cm x 13cm coordinating Patchwork squares

Cutting List:

Front of bag:
13cm x 52cm piece of linen,
32cm x 52cm piece of linen
4 x charm pack squares and 1 piece of linen/cotton drill that is embroidered (we did a simple heart - see above photo). approx measurements 13cm x 13cm
30x30 coordinating cotton fabric for inner pocket

Back of bag:
50cm x 52cm piece of linen/ cotton drill

2x 50cm x 52cm calico/ cotton -
30cm x 30cm coordinating cotton - pocket
2x 13cm x 110cm linen/cotton drill/ patchworked squares

Sew all the patchwork pieces together (I centred the embroidered square).

Sew the 13cm x 52cm to bottom edge of patchwork strip

Sew 32cm x 52cm to top edge of patchwork strip. This is the front of the bag.

Sew front of bag to back of bag, right sides together around the 2 sides and bottom (use 2cm seam)

Make a bucket bottom by sewing a triangle across the bottom corners (about 8cm from the point). Trim point off.

Add slip pocket to lining, this is now the RS.

To make a slip pocket, hem the top of pocket by turning it over twice by 0.5cm and stitching down. Turn in the other three sides by 0.5cm and press down. Pin onto lining and sewdirectly over where you have turned the three sides over by 0.5cm.

Repeat sewing the lining together, RS together - pocket needs to be on inside(BUT LEAVE A 10CM GAP IN THE BOTTOM EDGE FOR TURNING)

Repeat making a bucket bottom in the lining

Attach lining to main bag. Put the bag (right side facing out) inside the lining. You will see the wrong side of the lining. The RS of lining will be touching the RS of the bag.

Line up seams, and pin round at the top. Sew together (2cm seam) at the top edge.

Turn the right way round, by pulling the outside of the bag through the lining. Sew up 10cm hole at the bottom of the lining with a zig zag stitch. Press entire bag, top stitch 0.5cm from top edge to keep lining in place.

Attach handles by sewing them firmly on (I sew a square with an X inside at the top of each strap to the fabric - see above photo )

handle options:-

  1. Tough woven ribbon.

  2. Main Linen fabric - 13cm x110cm - sew together with 1cm seam, turn out.

  3. Patchwork handles
Trim all threads, press and your bag is ready to go!


Annaboo said...

Sew (groan) lovely!
I used to be a teacher and would have been thrilled to receive one of these as a gift.

RaincoatGirl said...

Thanks for sharing this step by step illustrated procedure! Loved your linen bag!