Friday, 5 September 2008

Tissue Holder Tutorial

Last night I decided to make a tissue holder to match the bag I made the other day for my sister.

I read 4 or 5 tutorials but decided to make one like this, which seemed the least complicated way to go ahead.

This is for Kleenex Handy Size Pocket Tissues (as sold in UK). Different brands come in different sizes, adjust accordingly.

6" x 8" outer fabric
6" x 8" lining fabric

Seam Allowance of 1/4" used.

I used 2 pieces of lightweight cotton fabric

1.Place the fabrics right sides together and pin in place.

2. Sew round, close to the edge approx 1/4". Leave a 2.5" gap at the bottom (on longest side). Trim corners.

3. Turn inside out (so right sides are facing), make sure you poke the corners out, so it is nice and square.
4. Have the outer fabric face up. Now you need to fold the longest side edges into the middle and pin in place. Line up the edges so they touch but do not overlap. Now you should be seeing the lining fabric (the outer fabric is on the inside of the pouch)

5. Sew along the 2 sides where the fabrics are pinned down.
6. Turn inside out - press if necessary. Fill with tissues!


Hen said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've posted some instructions for the napkin rings as you requested. Glad to see you are enjoying your Last Minute book.
Hen x

Coralee said...

looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tutorial, its so easy & simple! While all along I've been making tissue holder with 4 pieces of fabric instead of 2, which has a lot more work!