Sunday, 31 August 2008

Make and Bake

It's the last day of my holidays, and although I had some plans of making stuff, it hasn't really materialised until now!

I made some scones to keep the husband happy, no double cream in the house, just served with jam. Warm scones fresh from the oven are lovely. I think I rolled the dough a bit too thin, next time I'll keep it 3-4cm thick. (excuse the revolting table cloth, its an oil cloth thing, easily wipeable)

Then this afternoon, I decided it was time to do the simple tote from Bend the Rules Sewing I decided to read simple as quick, but obviously it refers to the design. It took a few hours, partly because I was faffing over choosing the right fabric, then the PC wouldn't log on to the Internet so I could check the errata - yes the strap states 13" X 16" IT SHOULD SAY 3" x 16". Apart from that I found the instructions straight forward. And hopefully I'll do another, soon, probably larger, so I can fit a bit more in! I like that it's lined, makes it smarter than my other unlined totes!
The front fabric is Michael Miller, "shopping". It's quirky and I like it.

The back is a fabric from IKEA, that worked out well.

Interior pocket is a black and white polka dot fabric.

I'm pleased with it. I made it for my sister, so I'll bob it in the post to her tomorrow, with a gorgeous gocco note card! I'll post about that tomorrow!

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