Sunday, 24 August 2008

going going gocco

This is what I did for the Art of the Note Gocco Swap. I tried to go for a whimsical drawing inspired by Brighton's multi coloured terraced houses, and the sea and seagulls. I'm not sure I quite nailed the image, but being ill for weeks on end and the deadline made me just go for it. I'm 98% happy.

The print run was a different affair, and my inexperience with the gocco probably shows. I wanted to capture lots of colours on the houses, and it was very hard to do it with just one screen, so I did get a bit of colour run. I couldn't face multi screens, I need to read up on that. But overall I am happy with the prints.

I'm sending out the Allium card as well. This was from a photo that I took of an allium that I grew on my balcony this summer, messed around in photoshop (not that I know what I'm doing) and got an image so I could print with it. I'm pretty pleased with it. What I like it that it could almost be a paint splat!
Everyone in my grop gets 4 of each image on different coloured note paper and matching envelopes. Due to the Bank Holiday tomorrow, they will go in the post on Tuesday to their recipients. When I received all my gocco note cards I will do a post about them.

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