Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Big New Project

I am so so guilty of starting one project (or 3) before completing another. Or buying in supplies for other projects as well. For example, while making the Pirate Jumper, I bought wool for the following; goldilocks and the 3 bears finger puppets, a dinosaur toy, and 14 balls of yarn for a blanket AKA the big new project.

Even though I said I WOULD NOT start this project before the jumper was finished, I did. Bad, bad me! I'm also trying to support local businesses, but there was NO WAY I could justify £45- £50 on yarn for this blanket, so I bought the yarn on Ebay. Small projects I'll buy locally. I'm sure other people have this issue too.

Anyway, the pictures aren't great this time but I hope you can see that it's a textured blanket, posted about here. The pattern is moss stitch hearts and stars with a moss stitch border around each individual heart and star, and the edge as well.

I started it 3 times (167 stitches to cast on) I really want this to be an excellent blanket that I'm going for as near to perfection as I can get it.

It's another Zoe Mellor design from one of her books that I took out of the library! The book is The Big Book of Kids Knits.

Although it's a lot more yarn than the jumper, I'm hoping it'll be easier, as there's no shaping, no sewing together pieces and no panic whether it will fit or not. When I'll get it finished by is anyone's guess! I wonder how many smaller projects I'll do before this gets finished up. (my inner voice is saying to me make the 5 minute skirt courtesy of Amy Karol. And it seems like I'm not the only one with the same inner voice! x and x and x) Will let you know!!

Although I know it won't be 5 minutes!

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