Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Xmas Trees

This is a tricky thing to make (as they are very delicate and like to break!) However if you can do them, they look great. Make them c3 days before you need them, as they need that time to dry out fully.

This is from Peggy Porschen's Pretty Party Cakes book.

You will need:
Royal Icing
Piping bag
Ed Able art Hologram Glitter (I'm addicted to this stuff!)
Greaseproof Paper/ Baking Parchment

1. Draw out your tree designs on some white paper.
2. Place your non stick paper over tree designs, you should be able to see your design through the paper.
3. Very lightly grease the paper
4. Mix some Royal Icing to a soft peak stage and put in an icing bag. Cut end off icing bag to give a smallish hole.
5. Start piping outlines of trees

6. Mix up some more royal icing to a runny consistency (or if you have the soft peak mixture left add mor water to give you a runny mixture). Put in a new icing bag.
7. Carefully fill your tree outlines.
8. Shake your edible glitter over the wet trees.
9. Now leave to dry in a dry and warm place. DO NOT TOUCH for at least 2 DAYS, so they can dry out fully.
10. Very carefully ease off paper (this is where they tend to break)
11. Add to small cakes! (pictures of this will hopefully appear at the weekend when I have made my cakes!!! As long as trees do not snap!)


Anonymous said...

They look good....I am very impressed. Can't wait to see them on some cakes!

craftyclaire said...

Thank you, yes I've got to start baking as I've given myself a huge list of things to make!

julochka said...

how can you possibly leave them alone for 2 days! you have kids in the house, right? :-)