Monday, 10 November 2008

summer in a jar

Yesterday I made 2 jars of lemon curd (today we are down to 1 last jar!) I love love love lemon curd. It really is good enough to eat out of the jar!

The recipe I used goes like this:

100g butter
3 lemons - grated zest and juice of
3 eggs plus one egg yolk - beaten together
225g granulated sugar

In a double boiler pan (ie a pan of boiling water with a pyrex bowl on top) put:

100g butter - let that melt.
Then add the rest of the ingriedients. Give them a stir and let cook over the boiling water until thickened to cover the bak of a spoon. Never let the mixture boil. This does take 30-50 mins (I lost track of how long it took as I was listening to the radio!)

Put in sterilised jars (2 jam jars will do) It makes c 550g of lemon curd.

I think I'm going to have to make some more!


Anonymous said...

is it easy to make as i have always fancied making some but have been put off by the double boiler and egg yolks combo

Hen said...

I adore lemon curd but I now make mine in the microwave, I'm just too impatient for all that double boiler stuff!

craftyclaire said...

It is easy to make, just time consuming watching it reduce down as it thickens up. But I will definitely do it again. My book does have a microwave method, so maybe I'll give that a go next time!

julochka said...

awesome idea! i'm going to buy lemons now!!