Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Cake International Part 2

Bart van Vliet from Holland, was the second demonstration I saw. He was doing an animal parade from Marzipan.

He runs a bakery and around now he starts making 1000s of marzipan animals to sell!

He was very quick at what he did and did not go into a step by step detail but I did write down some instructions and I'm hoping from looking at the photos I can work out what he did! What I liked about the demonstrations was that they were videod and put up on 2 large tv screens so you could see exactly what they were doing.

More animals

His stall
His windmill from Amsterdam!
Lots of lovely marzipan animals, I might be able to make the duck!
Unfortunately Bart does not have a book, but I noticed that Ann Pickard did!

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