Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sew Hip

Sew Hip is a brank new UK based modern sewing magazine! Hooray!!!


I was looking forward to reading it, as there is nothing else like it over here. There were some lovely patterns (2 gorgeous quilts) a lovely outfit for a little girl and some cool hand printed cushions.

Girls' Blouse

Charm Pack Quilt

On top of that interviews with Alicia Poulson (Posie Gets Cozy), Amy Butler, Prints Charming, Sandi Henderson and Janet Clare - so a lot of international interviews, hopefully they will interview more British people to showcase British designers and producers.

Beautiful Prints Charming Heart Quilt

Amy Butler Interview

The disadvantage of this magazine is the web and you can get a lot of stuff off the web, so to me it didn't feel as fresh and new as it should have. But I think if you don't read blogs it would be a revelation.

Next month they are doing some stuff for boys and I suspect Xmas, so I'll buy it again. The thing is the price of 2 to 3 issues would buy me a lovely book!

I emailed the editor, Manda McGrory and asked if they would be putting in some other features such as technique masterclasses and promlem solving etc, she very nicely and promptly replied and said yes they will be! I will definitely get it for the next few issues and see how it develops, but it is a welcome addition to the rubbishy old fashioned "craft" magazines that exist.

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