Monday, 24 November 2008

Favourite New Thing

The one thing I really wanted from Cake International was this amazing silicon flower mould from Sunflower Sugar Art. It was not cheap, £17.50, but I can see I will use it a lot.

One of the best things is that you can make flowers from Flower Paste and they can be stored in a cardboard box for years!

I first saw this veiner on Cake Journal's site, which is a wealth of information. In fact she must spend a long time looking through websites and buying amazing cutters etc which she shares very kindly with everyone else.

A Quick How to Use the Flower Veiner

1. I dyed some flower paste purple with Wilton food dye (I either use Wilton or Sugarflair colours, both are vegetarian) and pink colouring.
2. Roll out flower paste thinly. (I dusted my board with corn flour first)
3. Cut out the flower with the 5 petal blossom cutter
4.I dusted down the veiner with corn flour, lay your flower in the veiner, push the top of the veiner down and then remove top and gently lift out your flower using a cocktail stick, gently easing each petal back one at a time.
5. I lay it on a paint palette to keep the 3-D shape as it dries. I will pipe in a middle dot and then they can be attached to cupcakes, cakes etc. A calyx could also be added.I used different size and shaped cutters to get some different looks.
For these tiny flowers I used blossom cutters, to create the bent shape just push them out onto a foam pad and they naturally curl up.

All flower paste flowers can be kept for years in a cardboard box, so I've made lots ready to be placed on cakes for special occasions and school cake sales!


Cherry said...

great help...thanx alot for ur tutorial..

kiwicolleen said...

This tutorial was great, didnt know how to use a veiner till reading your tutorial.Thank you.