Sunday, 31 August 2008

Make and Bake

It's the last day of my holidays, and although I had some plans of making stuff, it hasn't really materialised until now!

I made some scones to keep the husband happy, no double cream in the house, just served with jam. Warm scones fresh from the oven are lovely. I think I rolled the dough a bit too thin, next time I'll keep it 3-4cm thick. (excuse the revolting table cloth, its an oil cloth thing, easily wipeable)

Then this afternoon, I decided it was time to do the simple tote from Bend the Rules Sewing I decided to read simple as quick, but obviously it refers to the design. It took a few hours, partly because I was faffing over choosing the right fabric, then the PC wouldn't log on to the Internet so I could check the errata - yes the strap states 13" X 16" IT SHOULD SAY 3" x 16". Apart from that I found the instructions straight forward. And hopefully I'll do another, soon, probably larger, so I can fit a bit more in! I like that it's lined, makes it smarter than my other unlined totes!
The front fabric is Michael Miller, "shopping". It's quirky and I like it.

The back is a fabric from IKEA, that worked out well.

Interior pocket is a black and white polka dot fabric.

I'm pleased with it. I made it for my sister, so I'll bob it in the post to her tomorrow, with a gorgeous gocco note card! I'll post about that tomorrow!


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Who do you think you are?

When I'm making things, I like to think that they might be around for a while, mainly the knitted items as they take me so long to make!!

I'm also very interested in the quilts that people make, and how some bloggers are from a long line of quilt makers passed on through generations. The fact that they have quilts that their great grandparents made, is a really special thing, and certainly places you within the context of your family's generations.

Anyway, one captivating programme on BBC called Who Do You Think You Are? is all about genealogy and finding a "celebrity's" family history. Last night it was Jerry Springer, who was a very fascinating subject, as was Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (seen at the Beijing Olympics's Closing ceremony with suit button undone, looking bemused, getting the flag for London 2012) Boris has Royal links and Jerry unfortunately has his family caught up in the Holocaust. It is a captivating programme as it is a history lesson for all as much as a personal programme to the individual. I certainly feel that I have learnt about my ancestor's past through watching some of the programmes. You can watch them on the BBC I player for 7 days for free, if you are interested.

I know it's not a "make and do" post, but often we learn our crafts from our parents, grandparents etc and who did they learn from? So there is a tenuous link of sorts!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Big New Project

I am so so guilty of starting one project (or 3) before completing another. Or buying in supplies for other projects as well. For example, while making the Pirate Jumper, I bought wool for the following; goldilocks and the 3 bears finger puppets, a dinosaur toy, and 14 balls of yarn for a blanket AKA the big new project.

Even though I said I WOULD NOT start this project before the jumper was finished, I did. Bad, bad me! I'm also trying to support local businesses, but there was NO WAY I could justify £45- £50 on yarn for this blanket, so I bought the yarn on Ebay. Small projects I'll buy locally. I'm sure other people have this issue too.

Anyway, the pictures aren't great this time but I hope you can see that it's a textured blanket, posted about here. The pattern is moss stitch hearts and stars with a moss stitch border around each individual heart and star, and the edge as well.

I started it 3 times (167 stitches to cast on) I really want this to be an excellent blanket that I'm going for as near to perfection as I can get it.

It's another Zoe Mellor design from one of her books that I took out of the library! The book is The Big Book of Kids Knits.

Although it's a lot more yarn than the jumper, I'm hoping it'll be easier, as there's no shaping, no sewing together pieces and no panic whether it will fit or not. When I'll get it finished by is anyone's guess! I wonder how many smaller projects I'll do before this gets finished up. (my inner voice is saying to me make the 5 minute skirt courtesy of Amy Karol. And it seems like I'm not the only one with the same inner voice! x and x and x) Will let you know!!

Although I know it won't be 5 minutes!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

1 year birthday

Happy Birthday to my blog! I'm a bit late recognising this fact but I've been slightly busy lately!

Writing this blog, and mainly reading other people's blogs has given me hours of delight and inspiration. One day I will get organised and do a give away!!!

going going gocco

This is what I did for the Art of the Note Gocco Swap. I tried to go for a whimsical drawing inspired by Brighton's multi coloured terraced houses, and the sea and seagulls. I'm not sure I quite nailed the image, but being ill for weeks on end and the deadline made me just go for it. I'm 98% happy.

The print run was a different affair, and my inexperience with the gocco probably shows. I wanted to capture lots of colours on the houses, and it was very hard to do it with just one screen, so I did get a bit of colour run. I couldn't face multi screens, I need to read up on that. But overall I am happy with the prints.

I'm sending out the Allium card as well. This was from a photo that I took of an allium that I grew on my balcony this summer, messed around in photoshop (not that I know what I'm doing) and got an image so I could print with it. I'm pretty pleased with it. What I like it that it could almost be a paint splat!
Everyone in my grop gets 4 of each image on different coloured note paper and matching envelopes. Due to the Bank Holiday tomorrow, they will go in the post on Tuesday to their recipients. When I received all my gocco note cards I will do a post about them.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I have to say it, Team GB are doing so so well. We are a smallish country 50 million or so, and we've sent approx 315 athletes to Beijing, and we are winning so many medals, including many golds, particularly in the rowing, sailing and cycling. I think the Great British team have done us really proud! We are currently 3rd overall, although I'm not sure we will stay there!

Plus BBC coverage is fantastic, and we all love the Monkey animation they have done to introduce the Olympics.

Can't wait till 2012 and LONDON Olympics - my family will be there watching many different events.

Just off to see Jaimaica's Usain Bolt do another amazing run in the 200m !!!


Usain Bolt just ran the 200m in 19.30s - a new World Record, nobody else could touch him!! Unbeliveable.

I know I'm not a sports blog, but I do love the Olympics!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I've been struck down with tonsilitus twice now in the past 3 weeks.

So I'm going to be a bit late with getting my Gocco Swap out, but believe me, I'm thinking about it every day.

And also so little posting as well.

I'm just off to drink a hot cup of tea (Taylors of Harrogate aka Bettys) to ease aching throat.

Many many apologies.

Thank You To My Sister!

There was more but that was eaten! Bettys is loved in our household. It's probably a good thing for our wallets that the nearest one is c275 miles away!!!
If you are ever in Yorkshire, you HAVE to go and have lunch, tea, dinner, snack there!

Friday, 15 August 2008


I finally finished my son's pirate jumper (started in Nov/ Dec) while getting over tonsillitis (I'll go into detail another time!) This was by Zoe Mellor in the Adorable Knits for Kids Book and also her Big Book of Knits.

Ever though my son is 21 months old and the jumper is aged 3-4 (I think) it only just fits him. I checked my tension, and that was perfect so the pattern is just on the small side. My son is below average size as well. So the best thing to do is measure child, then work out if the finished piece will give enough room.

The other thing I had an issue with were the sleeves, which I messed up a bit. I had to increase the stitches every 4 rows, and end up with c 56 stitches, and for it to measure a certain length from the cuff edge. Well there was no way I was going to get the final 56 stitches across at the desired length, so I had to unravel and add in more stitches. Next time I will work out when to add extra stitches and not rely on the author!

I did have a lot of sewing in of ends to do, and I probably could have minimised that more by bringing the yarn up through the stripes. Still it was a learning experience.
I found the intarsia fine to do, and was less daunting once I got started on it. Again it's the sewing in the ends that takes a while.

For my first jumper I learnt a lot but overall am very proud that it turned out mainly ok. And my son, for the shortwhile he gets to wear it looks adorable.

PS Of course I'm on my next BIG project!!!