Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I have to say it, Team GB are doing so so well. We are a smallish country 50 million or so, and we've sent approx 315 athletes to Beijing, and we are winning so many medals, including many golds, particularly in the rowing, sailing and cycling. I think the Great British team have done us really proud! We are currently 3rd overall, although I'm not sure we will stay there!

Plus BBC coverage is fantastic, and we all love the Monkey animation they have done to introduce the Olympics.

Can't wait till 2012 and LONDON Olympics - my family will be there watching many different events.

Just off to see Jaimaica's Usain Bolt do another amazing run in the 200m !!!


Usain Bolt just ran the 200m in 19.30s - a new World Record, nobody else could touch him!! Unbeliveable.

I know I'm not a sports blog, but I do love the Olympics!!!

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