Thursday, 28 August 2008

Who do you think you are?

When I'm making things, I like to think that they might be around for a while, mainly the knitted items as they take me so long to make!!

I'm also very interested in the quilts that people make, and how some bloggers are from a long line of quilt makers passed on through generations. The fact that they have quilts that their great grandparents made, is a really special thing, and certainly places you within the context of your family's generations.

Anyway, one captivating programme on BBC called Who Do You Think You Are? is all about genealogy and finding a "celebrity's" family history. Last night it was Jerry Springer, who was a very fascinating subject, as was Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (seen at the Beijing Olympics's Closing ceremony with suit button undone, looking bemused, getting the flag for London 2012) Boris has Royal links and Jerry unfortunately has his family caught up in the Holocaust. It is a captivating programme as it is a history lesson for all as much as a personal programme to the individual. I certainly feel that I have learnt about my ancestor's past through watching some of the programmes. You can watch them on the BBC I player for 7 days for free, if you are interested.

I know it's not a "make and do" post, but often we learn our crafts from our parents, grandparents etc and who did they learn from? So there is a tenuous link of sorts!

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