Thursday, 24 April 2008

Knitting I've Done, and dream of doing....

This is where I'm up to with the front section of the pirate jumper. It's quite time consuming but I'm enjoying myself! I quite like following the grid, you know where you are with it, if you see what I mean!

........Back .................................. Front ..........
The back shows all the strands, and it was in quite a tangle, but I sorted that out and cut strands that were not needed any more, to make it less of a mess. But from the front you'd never know what was going on at the back. I'm not sure about weaving in, I may have to go and get some expert help on that.

All the projects are from Zoe Mellor books. I think the animals are gorgeous. But whether I get to make any is another thing altogether!!!

The mice are adorable and I love the owl. Very sweet. I think the colour choices make all these things extra special.

The dinosaur has been requested by my eldest son, so I might indulge him. Although I like the goldilocks and three bears finger puppets. They probably wouldn't take long to do either! A possible present for friends!

If I had a daughter I'd definitely make that hat! I think it's so sweet.

I love this orange blanket. I think I will make that. Just looks great.

The cable knit is beyond my knitting knowledge at the mo, so I might ask Great Grandma to make it for my youngest as his Xmas present. I will definitely learn cable knitting though at some point.

I love this blanket as well, but I think I'd do the orange one first!
The books are The Big Book of Kids Knits and Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh & Fabulous Designs . I've borrowed them from the library. The pictures in the books are beautiful and I can't help but feel they are selling a lifestyle that just doesn't exist! Not to me anyway. Still I can't help but be seduced!


TriGirl Thea said...

Hello my lovely!

I saw this link on a running blog and thought you might like it...runners and their cake obsession huh? I've seen it somewhere in the past...maybe you linked to it before. Apologies if you have.

Becky said...

The knitting book looks gorgeous, Claire. And I also loved your rant on Delia... very amusing! The Norwegian buns looks delicious. I'm currently planning my big bake for James' birthday next week. Any ideas on birthday cake decoration, given your expertise? Or any books you can direct me too?