Thursday, 3 April 2008

Confetti Cakes

I finally made something from the book I got a Xmas. I needed to build up my confidence!!! Or actually have a legitimate excuse. And it came in the form of a bun sale for a Tibetan Children Refugees at my son's school. So I made the chocolate cupcakes with the all purpose frosting and then decorated it with fondant and dots, as per the Confetti Cakes book.

My camera died after 2 photos, due to eldest son taking 80+ pics with it the other day!!! All marvellous of course! So my documentation is not great, and then they had to go to school!

My husband loved the chocolate cupcakes (plain) as there was coffee in the recipe, which for me ruined it! I'm not a fan of coffee and I felt it masked the chocolate flavour (and after using an entire can of Green & Black's Cocoa in the cake) I wasn't impressed. However if you do like coffee, you'll love the recipe!

I make the butter cream frosting, and the book says add milk, which I did, but I was paranoid about it going off. Because when you use fondant, you're not meant to put it in the fridge, as it goes funny. I did, however, put them in my fridge, as I don't want to poison anyone!

So I decorated it as instructed, and I was pretty pleased with my results, for a first attempt. Tip: when cutting out polka dots, use a large icing nozzle, and just keep pressing them out, one after another. After 10 or so turn the nozzle upside down and all the dots fall out. Quick and easy to do!


MrsB said...

your cupcakes look so pretty, you did a grand job :)

Anonymous said...

They look delicious! Getting hungry just reading...