Monday, 14 April 2008

It's Not Quite Summer But I Couldn't Help It!

I felt like a fruit tart, so bought the strawberries, made some sweetcrust pastry and followed this recipe. Here's hoping it tastes nice!

Post Eating Analysis:
Tasted very nice, however, next time I'd bake the pastry blind and add an egg wash to it to seal the pastry, as there was lots of juice with the strawberries. Also I didn't make caramel, I didn't like the way that was going, so I just gently heated the strawberries with some caster sugar, before putting them in. I used 800g strawberries to fill the 12" pie, and if we hadn't of eaten and binned a few there would have been enough!!! It was still yummy though!
I got this from a Rachel Allen programme, roll pastry dough out between clingfilm. Doesn't stick to rolling pin, and you don't need extra flour.

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