Friday, 4 April 2008

Intarsia advice

I found this site, and it has certainly saved my bacon!! Thought I'd share it with everyone, if you are knitting with more than one colour and don't know what you're doing, like me!!! Intarsia video help. I have just started the intarsia bit of my pirate motif, and have guessed how to do it (incorrectly) and wondered why I was getting gaps in my knitting between 2 colours, now I know I have to twist the yarns to avoid the gaps!!! Marvellous!

I also found this site with more tips.

If anyone else has any Intarsia advice please please give it to me!!!!!! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,
I love the chicken doorstop that you made. Would you please post the pattern for it?
Thank you