Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sew A Seed and See What It Does!

These are the seeds that I bought today in Woolworths (selling Laura Ashley, whatever next!) They were buy 1 get 1 free, except I didn't realise that till I checked my receipt after I left the shop. Hence 5 packets, otherwise I'd have got 6!! The aquilegas are plant this year, flower the next, but we'll be here next year I'm sure, so why not? I love the ornamental corn, top right, it looks gorgeous. I've grown cornflower before, probably the same variety, and I loved it. And the gazanias were my son's choice, hence it not going with my deep purple and acid green look!!!

I need to get some nicer pots, for these beautiful flowers, and also plant the aquilega seeds as well. I'm also growing tomato plants and lettuce and rocket. They were sown a few weeks ago and are doing well!

I've also got some geraniums (trailing and upright) in the window boxes that I wanted from Ikea. The husband has made me paranoid about them falling down and killing someone, so I have them facing in!


cliff said...

my daughter is 7 and she was asked as part of her home work to find out is there a right way to sew a seed i.e which way up ? is there a right way or do you just put it in or do you put some in a right way and others not ? look forward to your reply thankyou.cliff

craftyclaire said...

Hi Cliff
I had forfotten all about this post! Ok, the answer is depends on the seed/ bulb/ corn. Most seeds you just pop in your compost at the required depth, bulbs have a definite way up, as do corns (it's not always obvious, but I find either a book or google will give me the answer). Ultimately as seeds germinate they are pretty clever, and the roots go downwards and the shoot grows upwards.
My 4yr old had no problem getting the carrots and tomatoes plants to grow this and last year, by his tried and trusted method of sprinkling half the packet in!
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

thank you claire this was very helpfull.cliff