Monday, 17 November 2008

Cake International 08 - Part 1

On Sunday I went to the Cake International Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. This is the first time I've been to this and was really pleased with the exhibition and the demonstrations and the competitions, plus all the stands selling and demonstrating their wares! I kept my spending in check but did get a few key items that I wanted. (I sensibly went with a shopping list!) But believe me I could have spent £100s!!!!

The first demonstration I went to was by Ann Pickard, from the Icing Centre. She writes the Idiots Guides and has DVDs as well!

Her demonstration was a Wedding Cake and Bride and Groom Toppers. She was so clear, and did it in a step by step way. Absolutely fantastic. She showed everyone how to do a draped cake. Which she made look so simple and gorgeous.

She dusted the drape with a satin shimmer and piped on some extra flower detail.

She then went on to show us these Bride and Groom toppers. She made it look so straightforward!!! I think they look really sweet! I went to a wedding with Bride and Groom toppers and they were made to look like the actual couple, so they are a really sweet idea.
Although most of the weddings that I have been to have not had toppers on their cakes.

After her demonstration finished, I went round to her stall and bought her modelling DVD for people, and she was giving away with DVD sales a book and some regalice models as well! Very generous of Ann. If you are ever at a cake fair and she is doing demos I would recommend that you go to one!
I have lots more to say about the Cake Show, but that will be in another few posts!


MrsB said...

Amazing - I wish I had seen this, I think i saw her making snowman and choir boys, it's amazing how quickly she makes them, you'll have to let me know if the DVD is good. I too kept my spending in check but same, got all the things I needed, there is so much stuff I'd like though!

craftyclaire said...

The demos and workshops sold out weeks ago. I kept looking on thier website for when they were being announced, and when I did see them they were mainly sold out! I didn't know anything about Ann P, but she was excellent. Her DVD is very very clear. She has 3 DVDs (see her website) But if she is at another show, she may well do a deal with her books! There are some regional cake shows coming up next year, there's one in Brighton in May, one in Harrogate in June tells you where they all are! Have a good weekend!