Thursday, 4 December 2008

Xmas Fair

My son's Xmas School Fair was last weekend. I did go a bit crazy and made quite a lot of things. It was as much for me as it was for him (I got a load of practice in and got to try out a few new things) So it was a win win, apart from the lack of sleep (I went to bed at 1am Friday night and was up again at 6:30am Saturday morning!!)
The things I took to school were:

Snowflake Chocolate Mini Cake inspired from Lindy Smith's book Cakes to Inspire and Desire

Xmas Tree Magic Cake (recipe from Konditor and Cook) The Xmas trees did dry out and didn't break. Clearly the 3 days I left them to dry was the key! I had them in a wardrobe, away from little fingers! I wish I had made my fondant a touch darker. I was worried a dark green would put people off.

Gingerbread Snowmen

Gingerbread Rudolph - these were unplanned and just came to me in a flash but these were v popular, all I did was pipe a dot of royal icing on the nose, then dip that in Red Disco Glitter from Ed Able art. Easy peasy and v effective!

Wonky Cake Cookies - I think these are great, but the cookie cutters are huge. Personally I prefer a smaller biscuit!

Fairy Cakes with fancy flowers made using my new flower mould and blossom cutters. I was going to pipe dots in the middle but time got the better of me. Plus pink ones with royal icing.

It was fun, but next time I'll stick to fairy cakes and just 1 set of biscuits! I'm sure I developed a few extra lines due to lack of sleep!

The most decorated cake has to be this one:
Made by my eldest at the decorate your own cake stall! He couldn't actually finish it!!!

Hopefully the school made lots of cash (they're buying a few more Interactive Whiteboards - why the school budget doesn't cover that I don't know?)


If anyone has any fundraising ideas that their school PTFA does can you give them to me. My school sticks to fairs, cake sales, the odd wine evening, film nights and a harvest sale. Thank you in advance.

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MrsB said...

wow - you have been busy - it's no wonder you only got to bed at 1am! I bet everyone at the school loved all your baking, you made loads - what a great opportunity to try out all your new ideas!