Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sweet As....


Unbelievably I have all these different types of sugar in my house at the moment, and they all get used. (Camera is broken so having to take pictures from websites : ~( )

Caster Sugar = good for baking

Granulated = for sweetening drinks/ everyday

Icing Sugars - for decorating and baking

Molasses and muscovado = for baking

Light and dark brown soft sugar = baking

Demerara = for sweetening drinks, coffee
Quite scary that I have pretty much everyone of these sugars in my cupboard right now!
Does anyone know all the differences etc and how it is made? I obviously don't need to know, but I do like how dark brown sugar tastes in biscuits and cakes, it gives a depth of flavour, I think.

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Hen said...

Not a clue why they're all different just know I have loads of Ikea storage jars in my cupboard with all the sugars you mention! I only seem to use the molasses sugar at this time of year, for making gingerbread. Oh, and there's jam sugar of course, to help that strawberry jam set!