Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lovely Lewes

Yesterday I took myself off to Lewes, which is a lovely town not too far from Brighton. There were a few reasons why I wanted to go and I was not disappointed.

My first stop was at the oddly named Patchwork Dog and Basket in the Needlemakers Mill. The Needlemakers is one of those lovely old converted mills, all exposed brickwork and beams, full of artisan shops and a nice cafe. If only I had lots of money to spend! Anywa, I had found this shop through the yellow pages, and did think the name Patchwork Dog and Basket makes it sound very fuddy duddy and old fashioned. But readers no! It was the exact opposite. It was a lovely, beautiful even, shop, with its fabrics displayed in colour order from floor to ceiling folded in rectangles, so it was very easy to see. And the ribbons they had were amazing. So obviously I had to buy some!

And guess who had made them? Jessica Jones , who does this blog, and has designed this fabric. I didn't even realise when I had chosen them, it wasn't until I picked them up to buy them that I saw her name. The shop assistant thought I was quite mad, when I started telling her about her blog etc etc!

I also bought this lovely pink and brown striped ribbon in 2 widths. A cool fabric in 2 widths, I just HAD to have it!

Plus some more loveliness in blue ric rac and more woven ribbon.

I was in heaven!

Then it was onto
Harveys Brewery Shop in Lewes. Harveys are a local brewery, and my husband wanted a selection in for Xmas. (It's quite amazing how we have sorted out the drink first for Xmas and New Years!)

I bought an 8 pack selection box and 8 bottles of their Sussex Best Blue Label, that my husband likes. I'm surprised the buggy didn't collapse under the weight of it all.

Then I popped into Waitrose (posh supermarket) and picked up some of this Willie's Cacao. Which I've never bought before, but I think it's come down in price (slightly).

I will make his cake from it - A Venezualian Cloud Cake, that sounds very romantic! He suggests to serve it with chocolate truffles, but I can't justify spending more money on his cacao! If anyone has used his cacao or tried any of Willie's recipes let me know your results!

I did go to Lewes to look for a walking foot for my sewing machine, for quilting but the patchwork shop did not sell them. So I need to know can I get away without one to do that meandering, curly stitch to quilt my quilt? Let me know!

I think I'll stop writing now, as I seem to have gone on far too long!


Hen said...

I might be wrong but I don't think it's a walking foot you need if what you want to do is the meandering twisty "freeform" quilting. Walking foots are for straight lines really, for the twisty thing you need one of those "big foot" foots. Make sure you get the right one for your machine; I bought one from eBay (America) and it wasn't the right fitting even though I'd been told it would be, so it proved a false economy! have a look at the Cotton Patch.
Hen x

craftyclaire said...

Hen, Thanks for your advice. I spoke to cottonpatch and have ordered the Big Foot. I'm hoping it'll fit my sewing machine. The only shame is they have a 10 day waiting list on getting orders out - can't they employ more staff?? Anyway, I don't think my quilt will be done until mid January now : ( Never mind, Thanks again.