Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Gocco Fabulous! A Big Thank You

Finally can I just say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone in my gocco swap group. I loved the diversity and orginiality in all the designs. They will all be treasured and only sent out to my closest friends!

Clockwise from top left: Gena Perdue, Viking ships and Fish by Julie Broberg, Cat uner Mushroom Umbrella (one of my faves) by Susan Estelle Kwas.
The next set of cards are by Sarah Parrot. All beautiful, taken from lovely pencil drawings.

The plants are by Cloth Paper String (and gocco swap organiser) Sarah Hannigan.
The 50s children and 70s family by Jennifer Noland

Write Back (love it!) is by Kirsten Cantrell.
The antique sewing machine, shell and paisley prints were sent to me in a gorgeous fabric bag by Jeanne Boyle. Love them as well!

These beautiful birds came from Modern Thread (I think Maura D'Amore)
They are all fantastic, and have introduced me to the work of even more talented people.
Check out the Flickr Group for better photos and more inspiration!

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