Sunday, 24 July 2011

Summer bike ride

Today we went for a bike ride on the South Downs, the UK's newest National Park. The weather was lovely, warm and sunny with just the gentlist of winds blowing.

My eldest son rode his own bike and the youngest relaxed on his dad's. (He even fell asleep at one point). There seemed to be more ups than downs. Or did the downs speed by and the ups drag on.

I never find the country side quiet, well not the South Downs way. It was choca-block with walkers, runners (there was a huge race on) and other cyclists.

We stopped for a picnic where the boys found ladybirds to be enchanted by. In fact the ladybirds were out in force today as everywhere we stopped we seemed to find some more.

It was great that we can all ride as a family. We had been debating whether to get a tag -along for our eldest but he could cope mostly by himself ( and we were out for just over 4 hours). We'll probably get one for our youngest.

I did manage to get stung all down both legs on nettles - it still hurts 6+ hours later. And I'm now very saddle sore as I'm so out of shape on a bike. But it was fun and well worth it!

I hope you had a good weekend too.

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Annaboo said...

I love the South Downs- we have a fab view of it from the end(ish) of our road.
Well done for all of you getting out on your bikes!