Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Cake

This is the cake I made at my cake decoarting class. My teacher's design, but I'm pleased with the overall effect. I chose the snowflakes on the side. The board needs a ribbon and then it is done.


Thea said...


craftyclaire said...

Thank you!

Thea said...

I have to decorate two this year. Ours and one for Matt's brother. I've never done anything like it before. But those snowflakes are really elegant and pretty.

Where can I get the equipment?

craftyclaire said...

You need to go to a Sugarcraft/ Cake decorating shop = online might be easier. I bought my cutters at but I was in a rush, so they may not be the cheapest with P+P. The cutters cost £5 but you get 8 things, 3 snowflakes and 5 stars. They are made by there's a list of who sells their stuff. You need Mexican paste to cut them out of, this stuff is edible, but tastes fowl! However, dries rock solid. YOu always have to wrap it back in clingfilm, and back in pot. (See my tutorial for all the bits and bobs you need!) I'll presume that you'll marzipan and then use Regallice to cover your cake (get both at Supermarket - Supercook/ Renshaws are the makes for regallice). Then you stick your snowflakes on using royal icing (quite stiff) again, you can buy that at the supermarket, just add water to get the desired consistency. Give me a phone call for more detailed instructions!
The snowflakes are covered in edible glitter - I used edible glue to stick the glitter to the snowflakes. Paint the glue on the snowflakes then sprinkle glitter on. The snowflakes were v tricky to cut out and I had a lot of rejects!! But I'm v pleased with my results.
I also have 2 cakes, so the other one, when I do it, will be all snowflakes, and I'll have a few standing up against each other at the centre. Unless I go for a penguin/ Igloo thing for B!!!!

Thea said...


I went out and got some cutters today. They are no where near as delicate as yours but I think it will be fine.

I felt like I started this months ago. But suddenly I'm behind. Just made up the marzipan this evening. Will cover the cake tomorrow and decorate in the week.

I think I will go for fondant decorations though. Its all very well it looking good, but if it doesn't taste good then thats a no-no for me!

And btw an igloo sounds fantastic ;)

But thanks for the tip. Much prettier than my rough royal ice I think.

craftyclaire said...

That sounds good, to be honest I was getting worried as the cutters are v delicate, and the fact that you need Mexican paste is probably getting a bit too specialist, plus it tastes disgusting!

Where do you get rolled fondant from? I might go to Sainsburys today and see what they have. On my other cake, I want the whole thng to be delicious! Did you use ready to roll marzipan? Or make your own? I used all the ready to roll stuff.

It's scary how quickly it's all coming around. I have loads still to do, and I'm not well at the mo, so I'm not really motivated.

I think snowflakes on your cake are the thng to have, as it's the only way to guarantee seeing any!!!

As you can see I'm the 1st one up with the chidren. we are all fed, and going to get dressed soon.

Thea said...

Poor you! Sorry to hear you are ill. Hopefully, it'll come and go quickly.

I did the marzipan from scratch from a delia recipe. The shop bought stuff was only 20% almonds and that seemed really low.

Delia makes you whisk eggs and sugar over a bain marie until you get this marshmallow stuff and then you add loads of almonds, knead and you are away.,890,RC.html

Its gorgeous! Even though my cakes are a bit wonky!

And I'm sure I've got a similar icing sugar, egg white and liquid glucose recipe for rolled fondant.