Wednesday, 28 July 2010

capturing the essence

Cheeky little ad for our new business!

As you might have picked up my husband and myself have started a photography business. We have done a few jobs, which have gone well, and we are now starting to market ourselves to the wider public.

Our main area that we are specialising in is portraiture, for both children and adults and events such as weddings, balls, celebrations and so on.

I am just showing some of our portraits from a recent studio style session, but we like location shooting as well.

Please go look at our website: where you can see what we are about.

We are based in the South East, and we will happily travel for a photo session. We also travel to the North a lot, (Yorkshire mainly - will be there next week).

If you are interested in having some great family photographs, or an occassion captured, please do contact us. You can contact us via our website.

I know Xmas is a dirty word in July, but some great photos would be a fantastic pressie, or turn them into a calendar (very popular with Grandparents that one!)

Please do have a look!