Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bread bread glorious bread!

Look what I made!!!


This is not my easy cheat's bread machine bread. Oh no! This is bread made by my hand!! No gadgets or gizmos used! Proper kneading! With my hands!

I saw the recipe on TV last night in Rachel Allen's new series Bake! And it all looked straightforward, so I Sky+ it (on the +1 channel for reference, printed the recipe off from the website and off I went!) (this is not the Jamie Oliver disaster bread I once made, oh no, this worked like a dream - thank you Rachel!)

The recipe is for 2 loaves, which was not clear when I printed it out, plus she never said that on TV! So I have a big loaf and a small loaf, I plaited both.

The way to plait is take 5 equal strands, and count them from left to right. Then do the following:

Fold 1 over 3
Fold 2 over 3
Fold 5 over 2
Repeat above until finished.

Mine are not as good as I had too much dough (due to not realising the 2 halves thing) but will do it again with photos next bash at the bread making!

We have yet to taste the bread, but I'll let you know if it is nice!

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