Friday, 10 October 2008

Baked Cheesecake Heaven

Thanks again to Rachel Allen and the UKTV food website, as that is where I found the baked cheesecake with blueberries recipe.

My husband described it as "heaven in his mouth"

I'm more of a plain cheesecake person, but this was extremely nice, and you could make it without the blueberries as well. We ate it whilst it was warm, but I think it'll be even nicer when cold from the fridge! My eldest did enjoy smashing up the biscuits with a rolling pin!!!
A very cool thing is happening in our house right now, my eldest son is playing Lego Bionicle on the Xbox, this game was MADE by my husband when our eldest was a baby!!!

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janice m said...

Looks very good Claire. I love watching those shows but I always have to go to the site to get details. If you are interested I have a cheesecake recipe here as well It is actually a friends recipe with my own tweeks.