Wednesday, 29 October 2008

birthday cake

Ok, new camera (my dad's old one) and a rubbish picture (the husband, luckily, used his flashy DSLR so I will get that off him and show a clearer picture soon!) And I'll also read the manual!

Anyway this is the cake I made for my youngest's 2nd birthday. I iced on Thomas The Tank Engine, and piped stripes down the side and cut out Happy Birthday etc from regalice/ fondant!

Cake was a new recipe from Elisa Strauss Confetti Cakes book - a nice cake, very rich in flavour and depth but fairly time consuming to make.

My son would not go to sleep last night (he's 2) and I'm wondering if he got too much caffeine in the cake (it was chocolate but had coffee in it)

The presents he got he really loved, a Brio Recordable Train Station, some other train bits for our wooden track, a silver astronaut suit, a xylophone and some fab books. A very happy 2 year old. Of course his most favourite thing was the baloons!

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MrsB said...

This cake is amazing - thomas looks great - really good job - I bet your family loved it x