Friday, 18 January 2008

What's In a Name?

I haven't been able to blog or do much lately, as I've been run off my feet with work and children and house things.

Still, looking back at my past few posts, I seem to have switched to baking and cake decorating. Which made me consider the following:

Should I split the blog into 2: One called Bake&Do and one still Make&Do??

As I don't have enough time (alas) for 2 blogs, and struggling to post weekly on 1 I won't, for now. But who knows, life may oneday settle and there'll be a bit more time for the fun and great things in life!!!

1 comment:

MrsB said...

Hi Claire, how are you? I know what you mean about being so busy its hard to find the time to write blog posts! I have that problem too! I think id keep your blog as one it would take even longer to keep up to date with two blogs! Besides the name 'make&do' kinda covers both crafts and baking, i think its a great name. Anyhoo must go, have a lovely weekend! Keep up the sugarcraft! x