Friday, 12 February 2010

choices schmoices!

Ok, so a long while ago I bought a few yards of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party. 1 particular yard has remained uncut, because quite simply, it's not my usual style and I don't know quite what to do with it.

You can see, it's quite a busy print. But as it has 6 or 7 colours in it, it's quite good to match it up with other things.
I also have the lovely raspberry polka dots that I'm happy to put with it as well.

The following fabrics I do not own, but I'm contemplating and thinking if they would work.
This is mingling in gold above and and mingling in rose below, both from garden party collection.

However there is also:
They are from AMH's Good Folks collection. The fabric above is filigree in plum.

This is Cathedral in Peony.

And Cathedral in Zinnia.

When buying from the Internet it's really difficult to know if you are getting complimentary colours and fabrics and patterns. But alas, there are no good quilting shops around here sticking these designs.

The reason for all this research is I've been trying to pair up what I have, with some other fabrics, both in my collection, and on some one's shelves (virtual or otherwise!). And I'm not 100% sure. I think I'll use it to make some clothes for my nieces, I'm thinking tiered skirts, with 4 or 5 fabrics and some Summer dresses, probably no more than 2 fabrics. As I say choices, schmoices!

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