Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I Spy

The other week my husband and I were discussing I Spy books. Do you remember them from the 1970s/ 80s? They were categorised, like I Spy Roads/ Transport or I Spy Countryside? My husband moaned that growing up in The North, he was not likely to see Slow Worms or Grass Snakes or Woodpeckers. So found the books disappointing and a little alienating!!! (Although I grew up in The South, and I can't say I saw any of those things either!)

So a wry smile appeared on my face when my eldest opened up a parcel from his Aunty yesterday. Inside was I Spy Nature and I Spy On a Car Journey. She found them near the counter in Waterstones. I'm not sure if they have been reissued, but it should be a fun thing to do when we are out and about!

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KL said...

Ooh, I had loads of those! I thought they were fun. Although like your husband, I felt some things were not possible to spot in Yorkshire. I had I Spy on the Motorway and I Spy on a Car Journey and they were pretty good for whiling away the time. I'll have to look for them myself, before we set off on our holidays.