Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Chicken Doorstops

I'm worrying that I'm getting a bit preoccupied with doorstops, as I've now come up with a different design to make it look like a chicken. I had to look up pyramids and triangles to make sure I am getting my design right. I have gone for 4 equilateral triangles sewn together which make a tetrahedron. I'm sure I learnt all this at school, but I had forgotten it all, thankfully the Internet is there to answer all my questions.

I have mocked up a chicken, yet to sew it, but I will, and I might have to modify my design and go for a 5 sided pyramid, giving me more volume (ie weight). Will post pictures when done but here you can see the work in progress. My eldest son has already asked for it.

It doesn't quite work as the beak is off to the side, a 4 sided pyramid would mean you could get it central. Still it' a good way to learn.

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