Thursday, 16 August 2007

Keep Calm and Carry On

I was reading a new blog and saw a poster on their site hop skip jump which I've definitely seen before, and it looked so good that I immediately ordered it from Barter Books. All you do to find the poster is type in "keep calm" into the search engine and up it comes. They are charging me £5.40 including p+p which seems pretty fair to me. Will definitely get it framed, as I'm hoping it's going to fit on the small stretch of wall between our kitchen and living area (we're open plan). I need to keep saying that mantra to get me through the day with my 2 young children! I just hope the husband approves. Well it's going up no matter what, because I like it, and he's put up loads of stuff he likes, so it seems fair to me. You can also get a t-shirt from these guys.

Today my knitting needles came from the Cath Kidston store. They are a bargain, in the sale, 8 pairs of wooden needles, in a lovely needle holder bag for £9, I got free p&p by looking up discount codes (which is my no1 tip before ordering anything on the web). I'm very pleased with them, and now I need a project to use them on.

I'm away for a few weeks at my dad's house, so am not going to be making much, except I did buy some fabric glue and have put together some of these gorgeous little flower magnets that I saw on How About Orange. I was thinking of doing some beach hut style ones. See what it turns out like.

Yet again my husband has the camera, he's gone off on yet ANOTHER trip! Still at least I can get my stuff out without complaint! So will post piccies when I can.

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