Friday, 6 June 2008

Why would I want a Clairol Footspa?

Was what I thought the night before my birthday many years ago. My sister had given me a present, and it looked the size of a Clairol Footspa box and there was nothing else I could think it might be. Maybe once or twice I might have joked after a hard day's work, that I'd like one. But it was a joke.

So when I woke up, I unwrapped my gift and it was an ice cream maker!!! Yeah! Something I did want, but had forgotten about that (my birthday is in November).

Anyway I recount all this as I just got a little book called Scoop, The Little Handbook of Traditional Ice Cream Recipes by Natasha Zabolsky! It has a recipe for Brown Bread ICe Cream in it, which they serve at Betty's and is apparently very nice. So I might make that first, using homemade bread from my bread machine!!!


MrsB said...

your so lucky! I love ice cream, my hubbie bought me the ben n jerries ice cream book regardless of the fact we don't have an icecream maker! hehe! but I the recipes look delicious and home made ice cream is just the best!

craftyclaire said...

The one I've got is a Phillips? And is between £30 - £40. you still have to put the bowl in the freezer. It churns it for you. You can get ones that freeze as they churn for £££s and make it in 20mins flat!! I wish I had one like that!!! The book I just got doesn't call for an icecream maker at all, but I would use mine anyway. Although some of her recipes use raw eggs, which I won't use with children. so I might have to adapt!

MrsB said...

thats not a bad price really, i thought they were more expensive than that! I would love one but I have so many appliances we really have no more cupboard space at the moment! I'd also really like a Kitchenaid whisk but they too cost a bit and take up lots of room! Thats great your book doesn't require an ice cream maker, i need to tell my hubbie to get that one instead lol!