Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Look what I discovered in my latest edition of Sew Hip! Clothkits.

Basically the skirt pattern is already printed on the fabric, so all you do is cut out and sew. Apparently they were around in the 70s, and although my mum sewed and made clothes, I don't remember anything like this! The only thing is, it's not that cheap. So, is it worth it? They have a range of children's clothes, which are gorgeous. But not v cheap!

I'm thinking of making the red and yellow skirt, it's 1/2 price, at £24, so worth seeing what they are like?

I do like this Trellick Tower skirt. Quite different, but in a good way!

If you've made Clothkits either decades ago or more lately let me know!

Here is a video witha better explanation of who they are!

Tutorial for girl's dress, part one and part two.


Kay said...

Hello Clare! I was 12 at the end of the 70s, and I remember helping my mum make a Clothkits sundress (cream with green pattern printed on it) and a pair of blue shorts for me! Very easy to follow the instructions, and absolutely everything was printed on the fabric so to hand when you needed it! I looked at their site also after seeing it featured in Sew Hip. And yes, rather pricey :-( I'm also not sure my fussy son would like the kids clothes. Still thinking it over! Meantime I enjoyed watching some of their useful video tutorials.

craftyclaire said...

Hi Kay, thanks for letting me know, I bought 2 skirts in the sale section, I can't justify £45 on a skirt that I sew myself! Although the red one with birds is £35, and designed by someone in Brighton (where I live!) so I'll consider that once I've got my 2 cheaper ones! Although I@m on a credit crunch saving session as the moment, and I want to stop buying and start using up my fabric stash!