Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Craft- Dare I?

You know when you've read lots of blogs over a long period of time and at first you are not interested in crochet or paper cutting, and you think that's nice enough but where's the sewing (please insert your interest here!).

image courtesy of Ellen Brown

As time goes on those seeds of interest start to be planted in your head.

And do you say, no, I have enough on already (my family like to know how I can fit in sewing, knitting, baking, cake decoration plus going to work, children, housework and family time!) or do you give into your desire and think, all I need is some paper, a scalpel and cutting mat!

image courtesy of Ellen Brown

I might just do a one off attempt, for a Valentine's Day card for my husband. I found these 2 designs here. I may have to blame angry chicken and a little hut for raising this interest in me.

Hen House may be in trouble with my husband if I take up crochet!!! She makes it look so easy, and she has only just learnt!! Very inspirational.


Hen said...

Hi Claire,
I did ask the lady in "All the Fun of the Fair" and she was fine with me taking photos. I only took the photos of the dress shop from outside. Yes, I generally do ask. In Libertys, I just get on with it! You generally get a feel from the shop whether they will allow you to photo or not but if in doubt, I ask. If they refuse, I ask for an explanation why!
Hen x

comfortstitching said...

Beautifully said, It's natural to want to try everything, the more you have to do the more stress you feel and the more you want to try something relaxing like papercutting - seriously you had me in stitches (don't let that last word put any seeds in your head).

craftyclaire said...

Thank you for your comment. I have actually tried my hand at crochet and some papercutting, for Valentine's day. I'm a bit behind with my blogging. But yeah, I need to reign it in!