Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sumptuous Smocking

I never thought I would say that, as smocking is reminiscent of my early childhood (70s) but it is SO MUCH FUN! To sew, I mean.

If I had daughters (here I go again) they would be getting a gazillion summer dresses. I took the advice from Heather Ross Weekend Sewing (yes, that book, again!) and went with her directions.

Basically, I had NOT intended to make this, I even said, no more sewing today! But I realised that I had a big strip of fabric left from my Kimono Dress, and I laid it out, and thought, maybe I could squeeze out a dress for my 5 year old niece, who is tall but very slim.

It's the kimono dresses' fault, as you only get to sew 1 measly line using elastic thread! And I just HAD to have a go!

I have not hemmed it at the top or bottom, as I'm not sure if it'll be a skirt, a top or a dress, as we speak! I'm waiting for my son to get home, so he can try it on for me and I can decide! He's a few inches taller than her, but just as slim! I'm sure he'll be thrilled. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on making him try on girl's clothes, I had him testing the hairbands for me the other week! I think I'll make her another hairband to match the dress, as that is SO cute!

All I need to do now is make sure we are never in the same fabric together!


Anonymous said...

Too funny for words....I do the same with my son. I try and not let my husband know LOL. The dress looks lovely BTW

KL said...

I'll just add, girls are not as reliable for the trying on of cute clothes (or even the wearing of...) as you might think! My daughter was quite tractable when younger, but age 14, she has no interest in anything remotely pretty, rarely wears skirts, let alone dresses. She likes skinny jeans, Jack Wills and A&F stuff. The labels cost a fortune, so she has very few clothes and I have to do a lot of washing!