Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend Catchup

Firstly, if you haven't entered my 200th post giveaway, do so now! Deadline is Tuesday c10:30 PM, GMT. I will delete any multiple commenters, so everyone has a fair chance! 1 person, 1 vote!

Secondly, thank you all for your kind comments, very kind of all of you.
Anyway, thank you to Sew Hip, I'm in print!

Yes, Issue 6, which came out last week, has my charm pack quilt on their letters page. My husband can't believe it's one of my badly exposed photos in the magazine, rather than his wonderful shots!

I thought I'd give you a peek at what is inside in the magazine, you can buy it as a download now, if that appeals.

Contents, there are quite a few interviews with designers, plus 10 patterns and news and reviews.

Close up of patterns in this issue

Gorgeous Oliver & S dress to make, includes pull out pattern. If only I had daughters!

A Mystery Quilt that I won't try until I've seen the finished result!

Tea towel reviews from Print and Pattern's monthly collumn. Check out her website. I'm very tempted by a few on the page! They might make drying up more appealing!!!
As for my weekend, well it was a great one. On Saturday we walked into Brighton, meandered through the North Laine and the Lanes, where we came across, Angel Food Bakery and all went in to try their cupcakes. I went for a Lemon Cupcake, my eldest son the Chocolate Chocolate and my husband the Strawberry and Cream. Everything is freshly made, on site, but personally all the frosting is too much for me. It kind of ruins a lovely cake underneath. I find it too sickly sweet. Do you know what I mean? I like frostings that are not all icing sugar! I think cream cheese frostings work well, as you get a tang!

After our sugar hit, we headed down onto the beach. The children played a bit on the beach, but went onto the playground. After that, we went our separate ways by gender, ie I was by myself! I "had" to pop into fabricland. I needed some bobbins, you may recall my ongoing bobbin dilemma. I picked up another 10, plus some machine oil and a sewing gauge, all as usual, reasonably priced. I looked through their fabrics, for weekend sewing projects, but nothing sprang out.

So I went onto C+H fabrics, and picked up some quilting safety pins (the bent ones!), I looked at their quilting rulers, and I thought they were far too expensive, so left them.

Then I walked onto Ditto Fabrics in the North Laine, and yes, as usual, found some fabric! Some Red with dots on for the Kimono Dress and some sage green with white polka dots for the Summer Blouse, from Weekend Sewing. It just needs to be washed and ironed, and then cut out. I traced the patterns yesterday afternoon, but I think it'll be a few weeks before I get to make them. I have my in-laws coming to stay over Easter.

(this is a sage green with white polka dots - photo didn't capture colour very well)

Then yesterday, I put on my recently made top, was told it looked great on me and took the children to the park in it. And I didn't even feel uncomfortable or anything! In the evening we went down to another beach and had a laugh building sandcastles, a moat, and then a stone wall to defend our castle as the sea came in! Great outdoor fun!

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend too.


Kay said...

Hey Claire! Congratulations on appearing in print. My needlecases are also on p61 of Sew Hip too. I nearly fell over when I saw my rubbish (and slightly out of focus!) photo in a proper magazine. My sewing machine is in the repair shop :-( so no sewing for me this week. Hope you manage to fit some in - looking forward to seeing your next FO.

Kore said...

I wouldn't usually comment, I'm an excellent lurker - but I wanted to say congrats on getting into Sew Hip. (It's a great magazine). I really enjoy your blog. I live in Hove and struggle to find unusual fabrics locally, so I'm thrilled to hear about your finds! Thanks for sharing.

craftyclaire said...

Thanks for all your nice comments, makesure you enter my giveaway, if you want to!

Nice fabrics are hard to find, I often search Ebay and Etsy, but for clothes to make, I look in shops. Ditto is definitely my favourite, there is one more fabric shop in the North Laine, Gardener St, but I hate it in there, as I can't get a buggy in, and it is rammed with stuff, so I just can't see for all the stuff, if you know what I mean. If you like rummaging, then that is the store for you! I don't!