Friday, 14 August 2009

Catching Up

Sorry I have been so quite lately. We have been on a family holiday to Yorkshire. One of the more spectacular outings that we did was a day trip to Aysgarth Falls. It is in Wensleydale (home of the cheese). I know my husband took a load of photos, so I'll have to get them from him! It is a lovely riverside walk, with 3 waterfalls at various points. At the highest point the river is shallow enough to play in. So the boys had a great time, splashing in the river.

On another day we went on a walk from one small town (forgotten name to Grassington) which was really nice. We walked along the river path, and then had to cross this very rickety suspension bridge, it was a one person at a time job) We all had lovely icecreams at the end of our journey and a drink in a nice hotel/ pub.

We also saw "moon" which is a brilliant psychological film, about a man working on the moon. Really really good. I think Sam Rockwell will be up for awards for his performance, for sure.

And one other think that we did, was go up to Yorkshire, with 4 people in the car, but return with only 2! Yes the children are staying with their grandparents for a week. Which is a win-win for everyone. But I am missing them, so looking forward to having them back in a few day's time. The silence in the house is very relaxing and lovely. It's so rare to have the home like this, that I'm relishing it, because before long, the noise will be back.

I have been sewing over the last 4 weeks, so I do have a few bits to show you (still more to photograph and show later!) I did make a linen dress from a Simplicity pattern that I am pleased with. It has a natural simplicity that I like (Japaneseish?).

Here are the few things that I can show:

Firstly, this is my Clothkits Trellick Skirt. I'm very pleased with this. I got this one as a second, as the dye run wasn't perfect. It cost me £14, and I had to buy the lining, thread and zip (that would normally come with it). It's so easy to make, just cut along your correct size, sew up, and wear! It certainly gets me noticed, and many people have asked me where I bought it. I will certainly buy more things from Clothkits.

This is the huge bag from Weekend Sewing!!

It is too big really, I would make it slightly narrower next time, but I like the design.

I used Alexander Henry Pear and Apple fabric, and a plain red cotton for the lining.

Never one to have nothing to sew, I now have 2 quilts lined up. One is for me (from the leftover Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics that I have) It's going to be quite bold and busy. And one is for my sister, a zigzag quilt and buying plain brown cotton fabric has been a pain in the neck. I had to resort to buying it online from USA, but it's still not been sent. I've been quoted between £7-9 for plain cotton quilting fabric, which I'm not prepared to pay. It's no wonder so many people buy from the USA, evern with P&P and tax, it's cheaper!

Back soon with some more finished work!


KC'sCourt! said...

I remember when we used to take our boys to "Hotel Grandparents" in the summer we thought we would get so much done but never did we just enjoyed the quiet instead! But have to admit we missed them dearly and enjoyed them the more when they returned.

KL said...

My ds was at his grandparents (also in Yorkshire) for most of this week. I picked him up yesterday afternoon, and I have to say I was VERY pleased to see him. Didn't even mind listening to "Summer Term at St Clare's" for the 487th time in the car on the way home, it was so nice to have him back again. :-)