Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sharing Summer

Sorry I've been away for so long. But I have been having a great summer with my family. So August has been very relaxing and great fun.

For the first week of August we all went up to Yorkshire, and went on various trips to the Dales, to York and so on.

Then my husband and I returned to Brighton (leaving our 2 offspring with their grandparents) and we had a very pleasant and quiet week. Sleeping in, tidy house, peace and quiet at ALL times of the day, and a general feeling of rest fell upon us! And we managed to oversleep on quite a few occassions!

In the third week I returned to Leeds and split my time between my dad and my sister's houses. During this time I saw old friends and had more day trips. And I have to say the weather smiled on us during August, and it was pretty much dry and sunny every day.

My sister and I took my boys to the York Maze, which is a maze of maize. This was a fantastic day trip, as apart from the maze (theme of maze changes annually) they had a huge playground, drag cars, the farm and other bits and bobs to do and see! They also had an onsite cafe and obligatory gift shop! I took my youngest son (he's 2) on the drag cars and I was in hysterics the whole way round, it was so funny! We all had the best day.

We also went to the Royal Armouries, which again is a fantsastic day out.

They have loads of live interpretations as they call it, to bring the place alive. Plus falconry displays, done by an amazing man, and jousting!!! Absolutely fabulous, and incredibly reasonable. All we spent for 4 of us to see the falconry and jousting was £7.50 and the museum entrance is free. A bit more money was spent in the gift shop, certain small children wanted a knight on a horse!

We also visited Hebden Bridge and we went to Hannah Nunn's shop Radiance. And we met Hannah, who is a lovely woman, as is her shop. She told me she does the artists open houses in Brighton. So I may well go along and see her in the Spring when she is next down here! I also popped into Circus Circus for some ribbon and the world's best sweet shop also deserved our custom! Another good day!

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Blueberry Park said...

Glad you had a great time up in Yorkshire;-) We didn't get to the Maze this year, but it is fab, isn't it? Did you spot my Take Away Kits in Ribbon Circus?? They did have pride of place in the window! x