Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wardrobe Planning

I've been thinking about my clothes, and I'm trying to be more organised and practical in what I buy. So I'm just making an inventory of what I've got and any gaps in my wardrobe. I need to stop being a magpie, and have a more uniform style, if you will.
Janie Dress from Monsoon £60

Having said that, I need a few long sleeve tops and some knitwear, in the colours that would go with the bulk of my clothes, which are mainly deep pinks/ purples, greens and brown. Well it looks like these are NOT the "in" colours of this A/W collections, as it seems to be a lot of black, grey, coral in the shops - oh no!

Tess Tie Neck Dress £55 - Monsoon

I used to wear black ALL the time, from my teenage years into my mid 20s. I have made an active decision to mainly keep it out of my wardrobe, and go for more colourful items. So this leaves me with a bit of a dilemma, as I do need a cardigan and 1 or 2 long sleeve tops, but obviously I need them to match my other clothes! Admitedly half the time I wear jeans, and I also have an A line denim skirt, so they do go with any colour!

I did see this amazingly cheap grey jersey dress with 3 flower details from Next for £22. That does seem very tempting! Yet again, I can't pull pictures off their site, but it's worth a look! It also comes in black! I know, I know, it is NOT in my colour spectrum! But it's so cute, and a bit more exciting that I usually go for!

Favourite Crew Neck £39 - Boden

I have ordered an orange cardigan/semi jacket from Boden (this was at a muched knocked down price of £22 - from £75) and a stripey purpley jumper.

Sasssy Fit Cardigan - Boden Sale (looks better on, in the photo!)

I know all these clothes look a bit disparate, I guess what i'm after is like a core wardrobe, of mix and match. I'm happy to have other clothes that are outside of this, but I want to sort out my key elements, so it's a lot less hassle getting dressed every day!

Obviously I am skint after the summer holidays, so I have plenty of time to continue my window shopping, and work out my my clothes etc for Autumn and Winter. On the sewing side, I am making a quilt at the moment, and I am going to make an A-Line skirt from some material I picked up last year, I think it's an embroidered brown corduroy. Anyway, very autumnal!

The only reason I'm doing this is because last week it went all cold here, but of course this week we're back to the summer sunshine! Hooray!

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