Friday, 4 September 2009

Catching my eye

Apologies for blurry image, but I've just discovered these kits over at AMH's shop. I love the dress in the Drawing room fabric, Volumes in Gold. It costs $63 which includes the fabric and the pattern. I think I'll save up and get that for next spring, if I still like it! (I'm pretty sure I will).

And I loves these green shoes from Next, £45. Ok, I don't have a huge amount of green in my wardrobe, but I'm sure that can be changed!
And I've been enjoying the new Boden catalogue. I bought a raincoat in their sale, and notice they do a winter version, that looks identical, except it has an inner fleece to keep you snuggly. I bought it as it had a hood, a must have with a buggy! Mine is in a brown fabric with a lovely contasting lining. Boden makes me feel a bit grown up, and smart, which can come in usefull with all those yummy mummies at the school gates!


Hannah Nunn said...

Hi Claire. I tagged you over at my Hannah Nunn Blog. Play if you like.x

craftyclaire said...

Thanks Hannah, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I'll be aiming to catch up again when you come to the Open House, or when i next come to Yorkshire!