Wednesday, 23 September 2009

window shopping

I found these 2 dresses on the Toast website.

It's not easy to see on the silk one, but it has a wide neckline (boat style? is that the term?) and then it's sewn in 2 parts, the bodice and the skirt, both with darts and pleats. I like that look, looks comfortable to wear. The downside is the price £155. Yeah right!

Next up is this dress, the amor, slightly cheaper at £135. Still not in my budget range. I especially love the sticky out collar, what a cool detail. This has an empire line, which is flattering if the skirt isn't too flared, so you look pregnant! Ha!

Obviously there is something I can do! That's right, make my own. Now on my supersaving spate of late I want a pattern to replicate these 2 dresses! But why pay for that when the fantastic burda style has one for me! The Danielle dress is as near as I've found to the checked dress. So I may well have a bash at it. The downside, with all my quilt making, my dress fabric buying has been non existant! I'll have to see what the fabric shops have to offer aftr pay day!

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parasombra said...

I saw that dress and thought of Damielle too!

I've sewn a muslin of that pattern and it came together really well. Have a go!