Wednesday, 2 June 2010

3 down....

Over the Bank Holiday I was left alone, and I got down to some serious sewing!

My first job was to sew the quilt that had been on hold for a long while. I had cut up the fabric c6 months ago, and what with one thing and another it had sat in a cupboard, waiting patiently for me.

So the fabric used was left over (from what?!!?) Amy Butler Midwest Modern that I have had for 2-3 years, I think! Given the sizes and amounts that I had of each pattern I had to be creative with how I was using it.
The quilt needs some more fabric (plain) to bulk out the back and around the edge of the front. I'm making it to fit a single bed. But it's just a quilt for our house collection, not for a particular person or room. I'm just glad I'm using up my scraps .
My next project is part of a leaving present that I am putting together for a friend who is leaving the city, and country, and moving back to her home country of Canada. I have a few projects that I want to make for her. The first I one that I did was make her some coasters from the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilting book, by Joelle Hoverson, using some Brighton inspired fabric, with the pier and the pavilion on it. I was pleased with how these came out.

The other project that I made, successfully, was an A-Line skirt from a Burda pattern, that I bought. I used a Heather Bailey Zig Zag fabric, that I bought 1-2 years ago!
Apologies for the picture below, taken in a total rush, with not much light! I just wanted to prove that I had finished it!

I also made toiles of a few dresses from Sew U Dresses and Chic and Simple Sewing, I'm glad I did as they definitely need adjustments, I'm not sure if I can be bothered to do that!
So, hopefully, I'll finish off the quilt over the next few weeks. I'll use what material I have in my stash to make a few more presents for my friend. I am all about stash busting at the moment!
It was a very sewing intensive weekend, which was nice. It's quite rare I can do something like that! I also plan on finishing off some skirts that I started in 2009!! I know I know! Everything takes its time!


KL said...

I love your Brighton coasters. What a great present for someone who's lived there. Very impressed with your productivity - even if I'd had a weekend alone, I don't think I would have managed all that. It is actually quite reassuring to know other people also take a long time to finish stuff!! x

Anonymous said...

What great fabric for the coasters! They look ace.